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Welcome to ICS

where we offer world-class services in engineering, design, quality control, and project management. With extensive experience, a dedicated team, and innovative tools and technologies, we are committed to providing exceptional solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

Become a global infrastructure project consultant and play an important role in the digital transformation of the construction industry both domestically and globally by 2030.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer technology-driven high-quality services with efficiency and speed

What We Do

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Meet Our Leadership

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Dharmesh Khandelwal


Mr. Dharmesh Khandelwal, a visionary leader with a strong educational background, sets and continually evolves the strategic direction for the company

 He graduated from Nirma University, Gujarat, in 2019 and further enriched his knowledge by earning a postgraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2020. His dedication to innovation and businessacumen drive the company’s growth and success.

Ashish Sharma

General Manager

Mr. Ashish Sharma is an experienced professional with over 10+ years of hands-on experience in the water supply sector.

With his expertise in detail engineering,PMC & Execution works of the Water/Sewerage infra sector, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, he is well-equipped to handle the complexities of water supply infrastructure development. Furthermore, Mr. Sharma’s dedication to professional growth is demonstrated by his successful completion of the Emerging Leaders Programme in Construction Project Management from RICS India.

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